Let's discover the values behind the bold and revolutionary mission which Storyscript has set course. These values impact people, product and customers; setting a trajectory for a powerful community and impact in the industry.


Passionate people produce powerful products.

We seek passionate people who love working on challenging projects with real industry leading potential. Our team is made up of innovative minds; people of diverse backgrounds, eager to learn from and grow with each other.

Storyscript is built for developers by developers. It's not hard to find our teams passion in our product through attention to detail and customer support. We take pride in our code quality, documentation and code reviews which enrich our product and contributors.


Everyone is welcome to our community.
Anyone can use build on our platform.

We embrace the LGBTQ community, intersectionality and any lifestyle choice that makes you special and unique. We encourage voicing opinions and sharing ideas that are constructive to our mission. After all, it's our differences that make us great.

Our product mission is being the most accessible platform for building applications. Anyone, not just highly-skilled engineers, are able to create applications on our platform with ease.


We are more than open-source; we are open-minded.

Our team is rooted in open-minded individuals who come from different backgrounds and cultures. The innovative nature of the product requires an open mind and open communication to freely share ideas and constructive feedback.

Storyscript is open source, every bit and byte of our source code can be freely downloaded and utilized by a young, aspiring developer to an industry leading enterprise corporation.


Community is about bringing people together; to learn, share, and grow.

Contributing to our community through public service and random acts of kindness leaves us with a sense of purpose and pride. We encourage our team to contribute to their communities in efforts to give back the knowledge and experiences we have.

Developers have a strong sense of community. Arguably, there is no community as strong and impactful as the open source community. Millions of people and trillions of lines of code come together impacting every piece of technology we use to enrich our lives. To uphold and strengthen the developer community is core to our mission and therefore a strong value in our culture.

Join our crew.

Headquartered in Amsterdam 🇳🇱 the Storyscript team is expanding rapidly building a powerful, diverse team of innovators and pioneers.

Most (but not all) job openings are on https://angel.co/storyscript/jobs

Not seeing a role? Email us hello@storyscript.io with your CV and why you should join our mission.